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You Are Your Story:

 How To Standout In Interviews


Share your story. Make connections. Be unforgettable.


Top industry employers are looking for candidates who are leaders. The best leaders are always authentic: who are true to themselves and their values. Truly great leaders leverage the art and science of storytelling to demonstrate their authenticity.

This course is devoted to helping you uncover, strengthen, and communicate your authentic self to potential employers. You will gain the confidence to present your story in an interview when networking, and at career fairs to make a lasting impression.


In these interactive sessions, you’ll identify your own powerful stories and learn how to tell them in a way that resonates with a potential employer. Through story, you’ll be able to develop common ground, communicate your value and fit for your desired role and win hearts and minds to achieve your career goals.


During four, live-online 2-hour sessions, you will:

1. Identify your unique experiences that form your inventory of power stories.
2. Refine and re-work your stories to optimize their value-conveying potency.
3. Gain confidence in communicating your stories through mock interview scenarios.

4. Learn how storytelling can transform your experiences into powerful tools to convey your skills.

Who Should Attend?

Any future or current job seekers looking to make a lasting impression


Marcia Cunningham, Partner CGC Educational Communications

John Gregory, Partner CGC Educational Communications


May 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th, 2021

7:00pm - 9:00pm EDT


(Online - Over Zoom)


$199.00 CAD + HST

Student Testimonials:

“Marcia and John have helped create a very encouraging and supportive environment where I learned and absorbed the art of storytelling. They have served the many roles of facilitators, knowledge experts, mentors and allies to help me see the immeasurable values in my own life and career stories. Through their thoughtful support and sage advice, I gained the clarity and confidence to articulate and showcase my stories that led to significant career advancement and renewed faith in my own life experiences.” - Chelsea G.

“I truly enjoyed this course, the instructors are amazing to work with and I learned a lot more than I expected. The format of the course gave me the chance to practice how to tell a story and work with the class and instructors to refine these narratives. It allowed me to see what elements of the story resonate with others and how I could use that in an interview setting to relay my skills. I learned the benefits of crafting my personal experience as a narrative that I could use to reflect both my personal values and expertise. Overall, this “rebranding” of myself has improved my ability and gave me the chance to flourish not only in interviews but also during networking events.” - Mira S.

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