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Managing Difficult Conversation
Those tough conversations will still be tough, you just can be more successful at them.

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This virtual workshop addresses the key knowledge and skill areas for tackling one of the toughest aspects of life, very uncomfortable conversations. The session is informative, highly interactive, and a safe place to practice.

Our approach to challenging conversations is threefold:

  1. To explore why these conversations are so difficult and uncover their underlying patterns

  2. To provide a new structure to “see” these conversations, including strategies that help you express what needs to be expressed in the moment, not hours later in an email.

  3. To practice. These ideas are proven, yet without practice knowledge cannot become skill.

Learning Objectives:

  • Gain knowledge and skill to see patterns in difficult conversations

  • Be able to see, understand and apply a unique model for thinking through and being more successful at challenging conversations

  • Most importantly, talk through, challenge and apply the tools and methods in a safe place.

A Video From The Instructor: 

Kirby James, MHSc, MBB, FBG  

President, Unleash Potential


Who Should Attend?

Any early stage professional or trainee looking to improve their communication and ability to effectively navigate difficult conversations



Sept 28th, 2021

6:30 - 8:30pm ET

What Will Attendees Get?

2 Hr Live Session with Kirby

Class Materials 

BONUS: Group Learning Session with Rose Hastreiter and Kirby James 

Past Testimonials:

It was amazing being part of your workshop yesterday! Thank you so much for all the knowledge and making my first Communications workshop with you such a memorable learning experience. - Shaq (MSc)


My partner is currently on the waitlist for the Communication workshop which I attended! I have been ranting and raving about how beneficial I found this workshop and she is very hopeful she can make it in the session. – Sébastien (PhD)


Only one word: more! I wish we could have more time to discuss all the great insights you brought today. Thank you so much! It was a pleasure meeting you! – Luana (PhD)


Thank you so much for today's session, Kirby. I think I speak on behalf of everyone today when I say it was very insightful and valuable - I am very excited to hear you are teaching us again in two weeks. Looking forward to it! - Pola  (Women in Venture Capital)

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