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Getting the Right Things Done, Right
Tactical project skills to take forward through your academic and career life

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Are you still driving your projects by to-do lists and deadlines? Learn new tactics that help you optimize your plan, implement and sustainably follow-through. Learn how to better clarify, prioritize, and estimate for the complexities of today’s projects .Challenge your old definitions of urgent, important, and success

Learning Objectives:

In this short-form workshop + online module, we’ll introduce tactics and methodologies that help you

  • Leverage the power of planning methodologies and help recalibrate plans

  • Boost clarity and reduce ambiguity in your estimates and actioning

  • Approach iterative project work planning in a way that boosts performance

  • Review key tools, mindsets, and behaviours that can help follow-through

  • Boost your project resilience during times of change

  • 3 Keys to Optimizing your professional time management practice






Who Should Attend?

Any early stage professional or trainee looking to improve their ability to deliver on projects 


2 hours live online + Self Paced Content

Sept. 21st, 2021

6:30 - 8:30pm ET

What Will Attendees Get?

2 Hr Live Session with Rose 

Self Paced E-learning Modules

Class Materials 

PMP Credits 

BONUS: Group Learning Session with Rose Hastreiter and Kirby James 

A Video From the Instructor:

Rose Hastreiter, Founder L3C Learning 

Past Testimonials:

"Rose is a very passionate and a thoughtful leader who connects very well with her audience. I really like the clarity in her thoughts, ability to respond with logic, and make things easy to comprehend. I will definitely recommend everyone to grab the opportunity to attend her workshops. Even after spending two years in a B-school, I would say her workshop was extremely insightful. Also, if anyone is looking to create collaborative teams or add a human touch to the projects in their organization, I would highly recommend them to avail her professional services."   -  Gagandeep S., RBC Leadership Dev Program,


"I just finished attending an online time-management workshop that Rose facilitated.  It was one of the most engaging workshops I've had. Rose is skilled, knowledgeable and relatable. Her delivery was energetic and contagious, leaving me eager to implement the tools she taught me. I recommend to anyone that has the chance to go and attend one of Rose's workshops!"  – Ronen S., Research Scientist

"Excellent content, beautifully organised and yes the energy Rose brings in is beyond expectation. Was worth every single second."  – Participant feedback, UBC

"Rose is wonderful. She is inspiring, I love her presentation style." – Participant Feedback, UBC

"In watching the participants, I saw the lightbulb turn on for so many and I was able to expand my knowledge through your teachings... You are exactly where you should be..…doing exactly what you were meant to do!"  Jenn S., Ontario.


$199.99 + HST for Getting the Right Things Done, Right

2 Course Bundle Special (SAVE OVER $50 if you register for both classes!!)

$349.99 + HST

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